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Canadian Agricultural Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Canadian Agricultural Partnership?

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a federal-provincial-territorial initiative aimed at generating economic growth in the agricultural sector and delivering the greatest benefits for farmers, food processors and Canadian families.

From helping researchers discover new ways of improving crop yields, to supporting agri-food processors to find and develop new products and markets, to assisting farmers with risk management, Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs help the agriculture industry in many ways.

How do I determine if I am eligible for a Canadian Agricultural Partnership program?

Each Canadian Agricultural Partnership program in Alberta has specific eligibility requirements. To determine if you are eligible for a specific program, please review the program eligibility requirements listed in the Terms and Conditions documents on the individual program pages of this site.

For a complete listing of Alberta’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs and links to individual program pages, please click here.

How do I apply for a Canadian Agricultural Partnership program in Alberta?

Each program page provides access to the program’s Terms and Conditions and important information about the application process, application intake dates and eligible activities.

To determine the application process for a program, or to view the application form, refer to the individual program pages on this site. Each program page provides access to the program’s Terms and Conditions, application form, and important information about program deadlines, the application process and eligible activities.

For a complete listing of Alberta’s Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs and links to individual program pages, click here.

Is travel an eligible expense under the programs?

The eligibility of travel expenses varies between programs. If travel-related expenses are eligible under the terms and conditions of a program, the Alberta Canadian Agricultural Partnership Travel Expense Policy applies. This policy was developed based on the Alberta Government Travel Meal and Hospitality Expense Policy. Unless otherwise specified in the program terms and conditions, only those expenses stated in the policy are eligible for payment.

How can I find out about the Business Risk Management programs offered through Canadian Agricultural Partnership?

In addition to Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s strategic initiatives, farmers will continue to have access to a robust suite of business risk management (BRM) programs under Canadian Agricultural Partnership. Some changes to the business risk management programs will come into effect for the 2018 program year.

In Alberta, the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Business Risk Management (BRM) programs are offered by Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC). For further information on the BRM programs, you are encouraged to visit AFSC's website or call them at 1-877-899-AFSC (2372).

How can I find out about a program’s status (i.e. accepting applications, not accepting applications)?

Throughout the five-year life of Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a program’s application status may change from time to time.

For the most current information on Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs, you are encouraged to check the Canadian Agricultural Partnership program page. Throughout the site, including on the homepage and on each program page, visual symbols indicate whether a program is accepting applications or if an intake period is specified or if a program is closed and not accepting applications. If a green circle with a ‘checkmark’ is shown, it means that the program is currently accepting applications; if there is a yellow triangle, please watch for intake dates and other important information on the program page; and, if a red circle with an ‘x’ is shown, it means that the program is closed.

You can also subscribe for email updates and program information or contact 310-FARM (3276) for current information regarding the status of an individual program.

What happens when a program is fully subscribed?

Once a program is fully subscribed, the program team may choose to temporarily suspend the intake of applications for a period of time.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry encourages applicants to contact an AF Canadian Agricultural Partnership program contact, even if a program is currently closed. Program contacts can direct you to other resources, tools and programs that could assist you. They can also keep you informed about when a specific program may reopen and accept applications once again.

My application was not approved, what can I do?

Please carefully review any correspondence you receive from the program area regarding your application. If you have further questions, you should first contact the program area (using the contact information contained in the correspondence you received) to further discuss your application. If you cannot reach the program area directly or have further questions, please call

310-FARM (3276) to have your query routed to someone who can help you.

Why should I subscribe to Canadian Agricultural Partnership email updates?

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership email subscription service allows program teams to send you instant notification of changes to the status of a program or major changes to the program such the funding list of eligible items.

You can subscribe to updates on all programs or only the programs that you are most interested in. Through the subscription service you can ensure that you don’t miss critical new information from the program teams.

Why should I sign up for the Canadian Agricultural Partnership mailing list?

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership mailing list distributes important information on the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, including the program newsletter, program updates, notifications of upcoming consultations or events and other communication materials.

How are the Canadian Agricultural Partnership mailing list and Canadian Agricultural Partnership email updates different?

The email subscription service is for time-sensitive notification of changes that have been made to a program. The mailing list is for communication products such as our program newsletter and for notification of upcoming events. You can choose to subscribe to one or both services.

What do the different “I am a...” mean?

To make it easier to learn about Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs that you are interested in, you can view programs based on your role within Alberta’s agriculture industry (using the ‘I am a’ information filter) or based on what a subject or area of interest (using the ‘I am interested in’ filter) on the homepage.

By selecting “I am a...” from the listing, you can filter the list of Canadian Agricultural Partnership programs to show those that are designed for that audience.

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