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Adapting Innovative Solutions in Agriculture

*Please Note: program will continue to receive and review submissions on a continuous basis.

This grant program supports applied research with a focus on innovation for public good.

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Program purpose

The purpose of the Adapting Innovative Solutions in Agriculture Program is to support activities that take innovations that have proven to work outside of Alberta or in industries other than the agriculture industry, and adapt those Innovations so that they can be used under Alberta-specific conditions and/or in a specific Alberta Agriculture sector. This program is one of two in the Science and Research theme within the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

There is limited funding. Applications completed to the satisfaction of the Minister will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis, subject to Program eligibility criteria, assessment criteria and funding constraints. This web page provides Program highlights. Please refer to all Program documents for essential details and definitions.

Every project application must include knowledge transfer and translation (KTT). Projects that are solely for the purpose of KTT are also eligible in the Program.

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has priority areas of interest for activities and knowledge transfer and translation relating to science, research and innovation:

· Advance effective environmental stewardship

· Be a catalyst for economic development and competitiveness

· Provide domestic and international assurance/public safety

Application Intake Process

Program receives and reviews applications on a continuous basis.


The Program provides grants on a cost-shared basis to cover Eligible Expenses on approved Projects.

Non-capital eligible expenses 50% grant / 50% applicant.

Capital eligible expenses shared 20% grant / 80% applicant.

Maximum $250,000 grant per applicant in a fiscal year, April-March.

Maximum $500,000 per Applicant during the Program term.

Eligible activities must include:

One or more of the knowledge transfer and translation (KTT) activities listed in section 3.3 of the Terms and Conditions for this Program:

a) Organizing, hosting, facilitating, attending or presenting at KTT events. The Program is not intended to sponsor workshops unless those events are deemed to be an integral part of a much larger project application.

b) KTT activities for mentorship, one-on-one, or peer-to-peer.

c) Development and distribution of KTT products.

Eligible activities may include:

One or more applied research activities listed in section 3.3 of the Terms and Conditions for this Program:

a) Proof of concept activities that assess an innovation under specific conditions to evaluate its potential use for Alberta’s agriculture sectors;

b) Feasibility activities that assess the suitability of an innovation for Alberta’s agriculture sectors;

c) Prototype development to establish or validate performance characteristics of an innovation to function in Alberta;

d) Demonstration activities that will enable the showcasing of innovations (pre-commercial or commercial) with growth potential for use in Alberta agriculture; and

e) Pilot activities that scale up innovations with growth potential under Alberta specific conditions for use in Alberta agriculture sectors.

Am I eligible for this program?

Eligible applicants:

a) Active Producers (includes Hutterite colony, greenhouse, commercial hatchery, member of Indian Band or Métis Settlement);

b) non-profit agricultural groups registered under the Societies Act, such as Applied Research and Extension Associations or forage associations;

c) Industry Organizations (includes producer boards or commissions, processor organizations);

d) Indian Bands;

e) Métis Settlements;

f) Post-Secondary Institutions; and

g) Municipal Governments

Please note these applicants are Not Eligible: for-profit entities including research companies, service providers, and agri-businesses offering custom services, consulting services or general services to agricultural clients.

How do I apply for this program?

Please review all Program documents and related links on this website for pertinent details.

The legal name of the ‘Applicant’ is required. This entity must be able to enter into a Grant Agreement with the Government of Alberta.

When submitting the Application, include any relevant supporting documents such as letters of support, brief biographies, quotes with scope of contract services, and quotes for capital purchases.

· Applications are accepted by email (include scanned copy of the signed ‘Part G Statement of Certification’) OR by mail (include original signed by hand ‘Part G Statement of Certification’). Please see the Application final page for details. Please name the application in a format such as: ADP.LegalApplicantName.First3WordsProjectTitle.MonthYear.

Note that eligible applications are reviewed after the Intake Due Dates, by external reviewers, according to the Program Assessment Criteria in the Terms and Conditions.

To receive updates on the Program status, please go to and click on the yellow icon to ‘Subscribe to Receive Program Announcements’.

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