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Alberta Beekeeper Stock Replacement

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Program purpose

The purpose of the Alberta Beekeeper Stock Replacement Program is to provide support to Alberta beekeepers to help address the impact of COVID-19 on their beekeeping operations. The program will provide a grant to eligible applicants to assist with the costs for having to purchase replacement stock from Domestic sources as a result of COVID-19.

Am I eligible for this program?

The following entities are eligible to apply under this program:

Individuals, corporations, registered partnerships and other organizations, including Hutterite colonies, members of Indian Bands and members of Metis Settlements that:

· are a Registered Commercial Beekeeper;

· have a permit for Interprovincial Movement of Bees in place prior to importing bees from outside Alberta; and

· have a valid Premise ID Number.

Eligible expenses include:

The following are eligible expenses for grant funding under this Program:

Reasonable costs for:

· the purchase of Domestic Nucleus Colonies; and/or

· the purchase of Domestic Single Brood Chamber Colonies; and/or

· the purchase of Domestic Double Brood Chamber Colonies.

Expenses must be incurred during the Program Term: April 1, 2020 to September 30, 2020.

Funding Levels

This program provides funding support at 30% on a reimbursement basis to cover Eligible Expenses for approved Applicants to a maximum grant of $20,000.00 per Applicant.

See Program Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I apply for this program?

Determine whether you are eligible, and confirm that your expenses are eligible. Refer to the Terms and Conditions.

Complete the application form and submit your application and supporting documents to:



Fax: 780-427-5921

Application submissions MUST include:
a completed Application signed by an authorized representative of the Applicant;

· a copy of Permit for Interprovincial Movement of Bees (if applicable); and

· copy of invoice(s) of purchased Colonies

There is limited funding in the Program. Completed applications will be considered for approval on a first-come, first-served basis, subject to Program funding constraints.

For more information
Tanya Warren



Phone: 310-FARM (3276)


Program Contact

Tanya Warren


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