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Efficient Grain Handling Program

The Efficient Grain Handling Program shares costs with the agricultural production sector to reduce negative impacts on the environment while enhancing sustainable production, help mitigate climate change and increasing profitability in the agriculture sector.

Intake begins June 24, 2021

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The Efficient Grain Handling Program is an energy efficiency program intended to assist producers with reducing the overall energy use on their operations. The program will fund equipment that shows a significant energy efficiency improvement over standard practice.


Eligible expenses will be cost-shared at 50% grant and 50% applicant.

The maximum grant funding an applicant can receive from the program is $100,000 over the program term, this includes any funding received through the previous Efficient Grain Dryer program.

Review the Funding List and Terms and Conditions for more information regarding activities and funding.


To be eligible to apply to the Program, the applicant must be a Primary Producer:

operating in Alberta that is responsible for input costs or agricultural crops or livestock producing at least $25,000 worth of farm commodities annually, but does not include a landlord whose only interest in the crop or livestock is that of ownership of the land, and;

with either a current Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Certificate or letter of completion from an EFP technician; or is currently working on an EFP and is in a position to receive an EFP certificate or letter of completion from an EFP technician before the end of the Project Term.

Please Note: A valid Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a prerequisite to this program. EFP has implemented a 10-year renewal starting 2018; therefore, an EFP completed more than 10 years before your application date will not be considered valid. To get started on your EFP visit:

Eligible Activities

Grain handling and grain handling system components that significantly improve energy efficiency above standard configuration are eligible under the program. These components can be factory options on new equipment or retrofits installed on existing equipment.

Please refer to the programs funding list:

Eligible Costs

Ineligible Costs

ü Enclosed Dryer Roof, or Enclosed Dryer Top Cover

ü Automatic Moisture-based Controllers

ü High-Efficiency Burners

ü Variable Speed Drives (VSD) for Electric Motors

ü Grain dryer PTO to Electric Motor Conversion

ü Insulated Plenums

ü Exhaust Air Recirculation Systems

ü Heat Exchangers

ü Gravity-Fill Roofs

ü Electrical or gas submeters on Dryers

ü Temperature and moisture monitoring cables for in-bin drying systems

ü Thermostats or thermometers for plenum or burner temperature control on in-bin drying systems

ü Adapter plates for efficiently fitting external heaters to in-bin drying systems

ü Indirect-fired high-efficiency portable aeration dryers

ü Automated bin fan control systems

ü Pipeline to grain dryer – for costs incurred over and above those paid for by the Rural Gas Program to a maximum of $20k/applicant. A quote must be provided by the natural gas provider.

× Aeration Fans and Ducts

× Grain Elevators and Conveyors

× Grain Legs or Grain Pumps

× Hopper Bins

× Conversion from Propane to Natural Gas

× Standard Grain Dryer Configurations

× Additional Tiers

× Readers, software, or data subscriptions for interfacing with moisture and temperature cables

× Equipment that is leased

× Motors that are not for converting PTO to Electric

× Installation and labour costs are not eligible under this program.

Program Funding is 50% of Eligible Expenses


How to Apply

Step 1: Determine whether you are eligible by reviewing the Efficient Grain Handling Program Terms and Conditions. Confirm that the proposed activities are eligible. Eligible activities are listed in the Funding List.

Step 2: Complete and sign the Application Form.

Step 3: Submit the Application Form and supporting documents by:

Email to:

Mail to: Efficient Grain Handling Program - Canadian Agricultural Partnership

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Suite 303, 7000-113 Street

Edmonton AB T6H 5T6

Should I proceed with my project before grant funding is approved?

Funding is not guaranteed until your application has been approved. You may proceed at your own risk. If your application is not approved, you will not be reimbursed for any expenses associated with your project.

All expenses incurred prior to April 1, 2018 are ineligible.

Please note the following reimbursement requirements:

Invoices must be under the name of the Legal Name stated on your application;

· Invoice must be dated after April 1, 2018;

· You must be able to provide proof of payment (processed cheque, credit card statement) for all invoices, and proof of payment must be under the Legal Name on your application;

· Cash payments will not be eligible unless accompanied by an official company voucher and proof of payment;

· Leased items must show that they have been paid in full by the applicant; ie the applicant has reimbursed the financial institution that the lease is through and must show proof of this transaction

· Barter/exchange transactions are not eligible; and

· Transactions between persons related by blood, marriage, adoption, common-law relationships, or close-business ties are not eligible.

After I apply

· If you email your application, you will notified by email reply that your application has been received.

· If the application is missing information, you will be notified via email and asked to submit the missing information.

· You will be notified within ((# weeks)) if your application for funding has been approved/not approved.

Processing timeline

You will be notified within 5 weeks if your application for funding has been approved/not approved.

Alberta Environmental Farm Plan

Agriculture and Forestry Grant Regulation


Phone: 310-FARM (3276)


Trouble opening or completing PDF forms?

· Fillable forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill and save the application form:

· Click on the PDF link to save it on your computer

· Launch Adobe Reader.

· Open the PDF from within Adobe Reader. You can now fill and save your form.

Program Contact

Phone: 310-FARM (3276)


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