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Emergency Preparedness

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Program Purpose

The purpose of the Emergency Preparedness Program is to improve the capacity and readiness of industry and regional authorities to prepare for and respond effectively to an Emergency that has the potential to:

· negatively impact the health of people, livestock and crops in Alberta,

· cause significant economic losses for Alberta’s agriculture and food industry, and/or

· threaten the infrastructure of Irrigation Conveyance Works in Alberta.

The Program provides financial support for the development of, or update to, an Emergency Preparedness Plan, including related training and education.

For funding purposes, the Program has four areas of focus (plant health, livestock health, food safety and irrigation conveyance), each with separate funding constraints.

Program Terms and Conditions

The Program Terms and Conditions contain the general rules that apply to all Applicants under the Program.

Next Application Intake Deadline

May 29, 2020

Before You Apply

Contact the Area of Focus Contact (listed below) before starting the application process to learn more about program eligibility and requirements.

Area of Focus Information

Plant Health

Area of Focus Contact: Tanya Warren


Livestock Health

Area of Focus Contact: Erica Holm


Food Safety

Area of Focus Contact: Bonnie Chiu


Irrigation Conveyance Works

Area of Focus Contact: Jennifer Nitschelm



There is limited funding in the Program. Applications will be divided into the four streams based on the areas of focus the Applicant is applying under. Applications completed to the satisfaction of the Minister will be considered for approval as described in the Program Terms and Conditions.

Am I eligible for this program?

The eligible applicants for the program include:

Industry Organizations, Municipalities, Indian Bands, Métis Settlements, Irrigation Districts, registered associations representing Irrigation Districts and registered associations representing groups of Irrigators who share access to and use of Irrigation Works, and whose purpose is the development or improvement of these works.

Program Contact Information

For inquiries, please contact the Area of Focus Contact listed in the table on this webpage.

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