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Emerging Opportunities

The Emerging Opportunities program supports strategic initiatives in the province that contribute to significant sector growth and creation of jobs in Alberta.

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The Emerging Opportunities program helps to support Alberta’s strategic objectives related to growth and development of Alberta’s value-added agriculture sector. Through targeted investment in new and/or emerging opportunities in the sector, this program enables growth, pursuit of new markets and diversification of Alberta’s value-added industries. The sector is broadly defined as Alberta agriculture, agri-processing and agri-based products, and all projects must clearly support both diversification and economic growth in the Province.

Projects must also include one or a combination of the following activities:

· Equipment, installation and engineering related to new manufacturing facilities and expansion projects in Alberta.

· Initiatives to explore new market opportunities and directly address barriers to export and market access.

· Initiatives to promote collaboration among companies to grow the sector.

· Any other activity deemed eligible by the Minister that supports an emerging opportunity in the sector.

To be eligible for this program, an entity must be registered and operating in Alberta, and be in good standing in accordance with applicable legislation. Eligible applicants must be either:

· Processors including food processors and bio-industrial processors

· Agri-businesses, or

· Industry Organizations


Maximum grant funding provided by this program is $500,000 per fiscal year, and project will only be considered under one program (i.e., processors cannot apply to more than one Alberta CAP program for the same project expenses). Further details will be shared with applicants invited to apply for this funding.

How to Apply

Interested parties may contact the program area ( to discuss if a project fits with the program based on outcome, readiness and alignment with the strategy.

Based on available the program funds, program fit, and readiness of a project, potential applicants will be contacted directly by the program area to apply.


Phone: Program Specialist at (780) 422-0907


Program Contact

Phone: Program Specialist at (780) 422-0907


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