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Not Accepting Applications

Value-Added Products to Markets (Large Projects)

This program is not currently accepting applications.

New! Due to the travel restrictions put in place by the Province and Federal Government related to the covid-19 pandemic response, we are not able to consider support of any travel outside of Canada at this time.

Recognizing this is a difficult time for businesses in the Province it is important to highlight that the Program can also consider support of past investments made by the business (retroactive to April 1, 2019).  Eligible expenses on funding list may help address current business needs in response to the covid-19 crisis.  These include but are not limited to; development of e-commerce, pivoting to new market channels, new product development, and investments in equipment to meet current changes in product demand.

Please refer to the funding list for eligible activities. Only activities included in the Funding List will be considered.

Ensure you are submitting any and all documents that support your application.  This includes all invoices and/or quotes AND documents needed in order to assess the merit of the project (marketing/business plan, feasibility studies, letters of support, etc.).

Grant request must be more than $50,000, to a maximum of $500,000 per applicant per fiscal year.

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Terms and Conditions

Application Form

Funding List

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Program purpose

The purpose of the Canadian Agricultural Partnership Value-Added Products to Markets – Large Projects Program is to support growth of Alberta’s value-added Food Processors and Bio-Industrial Processors. The Program targets Projects that enable growth of their businesses through increased sales related to the development of New Products, adoption of state-of-the-art processes, commercialization of products in New Markets, and expansion of their business in local, domestic and international markets.

Eligible activities include:

· Processing Capacity Expansion

· Product and Process Development

· Label and Package Development

· Market Development

· Export Preparation and Planning

· Product Demonstration

Am I eligible for this program?

Eligible Applicants are as follows:

· Bio-Industrial Processors

· Food Processors

Please refer to the Program Terms and Conditions for the definition of each Eligible Applicant.

How do I apply for this program?

The application submission deadline is June 5, 2020. Completed applications and supporting documents must be received by 11:59 pm on this day in order to be considered for funding and assessed

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Completed SIGNED Applications and all required documentation can be:


Due to current circumstances, we will not be accepting applications by mail or in person. Please submit by email only.

Here are some suggestions that may help you complete your application:

· Read and understand all of the information in the Program Terms and Conditions

· Ensure you meet eligibility criteria

· Ensure you are applying for eligible activities and eligible expenses by reading the Funding List

· Know the results you want to achieve and clearly explain how they fit with the Program Assessment Criteria found in Terms and Conditions 4.1

· Provide all required documentation (quotations, confirmation of financing for project, letters of support from buyers, listings, marketing plan, business plan etc.), to assess the eligibility and merit of your project

· Submit your completed SIGNED Application Form, along with all required documentation by the intake deadline

Failure to submit a signed, completed application WILL result in the application being returned. Budget line items without supporting documents will result in a delay in the review process. Incomplete Applications will not be processed.

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Phone: 310-FARM (3276)



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