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Program purpose

The purpose of the Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - Producer program is to support producers in reducing negative impacts on the environment while enhancing sustainable production, managing climate change and increasing profitability in the agriculture sector.

Eligible activities include:

The focus of the program will be on activities and practices that:

reduce the risks to agricultural contaminants entering water

enhance sustainable production while mitigating carbon emissions that impact air and soil quality

help producers manage and adapt to climate change.

Activities include (but are not limited to) Beneficial Management Practices, such as:

watering systems

riparian fencing

livestock facility management

improved manure storage facilities

manure application

sectional controls

agricultural plastic bag rollers


Am I eligible for this program?

Primary producers in Alberta are eligible to apply.

How do I apply for this program?

A valid Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a prerequisite to this program. EFP has implemented a 10-year renewal starting 2018, therefore an EFP completed before 2008 will not be considered valid.

determine whether you are eligible. Refer to the program Terms and Conditions.

confirm that the proposed activities are eligible. Eligible activities are listed in the Terms and Conditions.

complete the application form and send your application and supporting documents by mail to:


Environmental Stewardship and Climate Change - Producer Program

Suite 302, 7000-113 Street

Edmonton Alberta T6H 5T6

Application Intake Dates for 2018:

April 3, 2018 - May 15, 2018

May 16, 2018 - June 27, 2018

June 28, 2018 - August 29, 2018

August 30, 2018 - November 14, 2018




For more information

Phone: 310-FARM (3276)



Program Contact

Phone: 310-FARM (3276)


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