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Program Purpose

The purpose of the Surveillance Program is to close gaps in Surveillance in order to increase the early detection of existing and emerging livestock diseases, Crop Pests, Bee Pests, foodborne hazards, and other risks affecting plant, animal, and public health.

Applicants are encouraged to develop Projects in which the Applicant communicates their findings to the Alberta agriculture industry.

For funding purposes, the Program has three areas of focus (plant health, animal health, and food safety), each with separate funding constraints.

Program Terms and Conditions

The Program Terms and Conditions contain the general rules that apply to all Applicants under the Program. Applicants are governed by both these Program Terms and Conditions for the areas of focus the Applicant is applying under.

Next Application Intake Deadline

May 29, 2020

Before You Apply

Contact the Area of Focus Contact (listed below) before starting the application process to learn more about program eligibility and requirements.

Area of Focus Information

Plant Health

Area of Focus Contact:

Tanya Warren


Animal Health

Area of Focus Contact:

Drew Hiltz


Food Safety

Area of Focus Contact:


There is limited funding in the Program. Applications will be divided into the three streams based on the areas of focus the Applicant is applying under. Applications completed to the satisfaction of the Minister will be considered for approval as described in the Program Terms and Conditions.

Am I eligible for this program?

The eligible applicants for the program include:

Agri-Processors, Industry Organizations, Municipalities, Post-Secondary Institutions, Applied Research Associations, Fee-For-Service Providers, First Nations and M├ętis Settlements.

Although individual producers are not eligible applicants under the program, industry-led projects will often involve producer participation and have results that benefit a segment of or the whole industry.

Program Contact

For inquiries, please contact the Area of Focus Contact listed in the table on this webpage.

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